The Final Farewell from “Da Boss”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Just a few final words to close this blog….hopefully,   and to say thanks to my ‘crew’ for the AWESOME work they have put into this week.

Even when some of the ‘geriatric members’ were quite keen to ‘out the anchor’ on Wednesday morning!!! And forget about finding an ‘old pair of rugga boots’. DAMN  talk about ‘cryptic clues’!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for those Wallys oops  Wall-E’s didn’t  see a ‘tweet’ from them all morning..  despite me hounding our comms guy all the way round so bummer guess we gonna lose out on THAT one!!!!

So to the rest of the ‘Guys and the gal’ again a big thank you for making the week livable.

This is Four Guys and a Gal  signing off

“Da Boss” (who often gets overruled)

p.s.  Am aware that ‘someone’ had already thought they had posted for the final time but heyyyyy  ‘Da Boss’ gotta have SOME privileges.





Video Link

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Here is our video link:

Over and Out

Nearing the end

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

This week has been a lot of fun for us all even though stress levels are high at the moment as we are desperately trying to finish all the challenges so we can get our hands on the prizes. We think we have completed most of the tasks and are just putting the finishing touches into our video.

We all enjoyed the flash mob challenge and definitely think it should be used in future years. We didn’t hear the chimes and were possibly moving when everyone else was frozen, some of our poses were slightly awkward and the one minute seemed as though it was about five, as always when you are trying to be statue but overall it was a really cool experience and we are hoping to feature on the front page of the Nelson Mail!

Shaye ” Im disappointed I missed most of challenge week due to business classes which ran from 10am to 12pm Tues Weds and Thurs which meant I couldn’t participate in the treasure hunt but the boys did really well! Ive really enjoyed taking part in the other activities with flash mob being my favourite and hope we can keep the lead over night as everyone finishes and posts in all their work!”

Thanks for an awesome first week at NMIT!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of us in the flash mob


Team over and out for the final time

Some staff looking silly

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The Theme song we have chosen is the, Jersey Shore theme song! Also featured in our video!

Treasure Hunt (Alan Turing)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Day 3 saw us take part in a treasure hunt! We had to work out clues which took us on a wild goose chase through Nelson city. Our group was left with only the boys to take part in the treasure hunt as Shaye had a boring accounting class which she had to attend.

Sam’s account “It was fun but I had to motivate my team at some points. As an Englishman I thought we Poms were whingers but these Kiwis really took the cake.

Nathan’s account “I found this year’s treasure hunt quite different from previous years. I thought this year had some very difficult clues and we never ran into Mark’s daughters”

Colin and Gene’s account “It was a hard slog. We haven’t walked so far for some considerable time. One clue could have been a little bit clearer and not quite so cryptic. We’re sure everybody who took part in the treasure hunt knows what clue this is. The ironic thing is that there was no treasure at the end of the hunt but at least we got a subway voucher!! “

Below are the pictures of us with our mascot (In some he is hiding ;))at each location









The answer to the riddle is Alan Turing

Our one hour websites which we must admit we are very proud of. The links are under the pictures if you want to read the fine print (Its a good read, so do eeettttt)

Team over and out

Our poster

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The rule our poster is meant to represent is, “Hacking activities (e.g. attempting to access files belonging to another student, changing or attempting to change system software, etc)”

We decided to keep our poster clean and simple so that is easy to read and will hopefully stick in students minds! People will HACK YOU..It could even be the person sitting beside you right NOW! Never give out your passwords and make sure they always contain a capital letter and at least one number as these steps help stop hackers dead in their tracks!



Day 2

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

As day two is coming to an end, stress levels are rising as we realise just how little time we have left to complete challenges. Having business classes to attend is also slowing our group down as Nathan and Shaye are both enrolled in two business classes which has limited how much time they are able to spend working with the group. Sam is also M.I.A! Sam if you read this WHERE ARE YOU?!?

We have all enjoyed throwing round ideas for all of the challeneges and cant wait to start the treasure hunt and find out what we will be doing for the flash mob challenge on Thursday!

While it is fun writing this blog other challenges are calling our names, so for now…

Team over and out.



What a mission

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

YAY we FINALLY have a blog up and running! Who knew that “four guys and a girl” was such a common name!

Our group conveniently consists of four guys and a girl, original name, we know.

Gene, Colin, Nathan, Sam and Shaye with Colin being appointed as team leader! We will each try and make one blog post through out the week. We have decided that Colin’s Footrot Flats dog will be our team mascot and he will accompany us in all challenges..A Photo will be posted tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!

Now for an update on our Day One progress
Our group didn’t make too much progress! Some of us literally ran to sign up for our laptops (not sure why since we have to wait till next week to get the new awesome ones) and other than that we took it upon ourselves to assign the rest of our afternoon to free time!


Team over and out