Treasure Hunt (Alan Turing)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Day 3 saw us take part in a treasure hunt! We had to work out clues which took us on a wild goose chase through Nelson city. Our group was left with only the boys to take part in the treasure hunt as Shaye had a boring accounting class which she had to attend.

Sam’s account “It was fun but I had to motivate my team at some points. As an Englishman I thought we Poms were whingers but these Kiwis really took the cake.

Nathan’s account “I found this year’s treasure hunt quite different from previous years. I thought this year had some very difficult clues and we never ran into Mark’s daughters”

Colin and Gene’s account “It was a hard slog. We haven’t walked so far for some considerable time. One clue could have been a little bit clearer and not quite so cryptic. We’re sure everybody who took part in the treasure hunt knows what clue this is. The ironic thing is that there was no treasure at the end of the hunt but at least we got a subway voucher!! “

Below are the pictures of us with our mascot (In some he is hiding ;))at each location









The answer to the riddle is Alan Turing

Our one hour websites which we must admit we are very proud of. The links are under the pictures if you want to read the fine print (Its a good read, so do eeettttt)

Team over and out


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