The Final Farewell from “Da Boss”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Just a few final words to close this blog….hopefully,   and to say thanks to my ‘crew’ for the AWESOME work they have put into this week.

Even when some of the ‘geriatric members’ were quite keen to ‘out the anchor’ on Wednesday morning!!! And forget about finding an ‘old pair of rugga boots’. DAMN  talk about ‘cryptic clues’!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for those Wallys oops  Wall-E’s didn’t  see a ‘tweet’ from them all morning..  despite me hounding our comms guy all the way round so bummer guess we gonna lose out on THAT one!!!!

So to the rest of the ‘Guys and the gal’ again a big thank you for making the week livable.

This is Four Guys and a Gal  signing off

“Da Boss” (who often gets overruled)

p.s.  Am aware that ‘someone’ had already thought they had posted for the final time but heyyyyy  ‘Da Boss’ gotta have SOME privileges.





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